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Together we're better

Top Priorities

Affordable Housing

Public Safety and Homelessness

Loveland deserves better. I will work with the city government to minimize regulatory barriers and increase the supply of housing while reducing the cost to build. We can do this by building and preserving affordable housing in neighborhoods, strengthening the community. I will focus on the solutions, not rehash our problems. I believe City Council can and should work together with the city, builders, developers, and the community to diversify housing and strategic home development. I believe that every Lovelander should have the opportunity for a home they can afford.

Safety is a growing issue in Loveland. We see and feel it in our city every day, and most of us see what the city is doing is simply not working. We can do better! We need to respectfully address the issue not only to preserve public safety in the community, but also to provide safety for the citizens that are experiencing homelessness. We need to work together to explore resources to support the community with both compassion and enforcement. 


City Government

Most of our current city leaders are divided, unable to work together, and their leadership stale. I will represent all of our community and bring us together to provide the best solutions for our city. Loveland City leaders need to be held accountable to do the job they were elected to do and put the needs of the community above their own self-interests and agendas.

None of us wants to spend more time in traffic, but the challenge grows as Loveland grows. I will prioritize roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure needs to ease and promote mobility.


Loveland’s downtown is thriving, but the work continues! I know that an investment in downtown redevelopment and infrastructure is key to Loveland’s success.


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